Image illustrating the impact of toxic pollutants from war and industry on the body's elimination pathways, highlighting the need for detoxification for improved health.

What a Train Wreck: Solutions you need to know.

History repeats itself:  During World War I, chemical warfare agents such as phosgene were used as weapons. These substances caused widespread devastation and led to significant casualties. Today, the toxic effects of phosgene and other chemicals such as vinyl chloride continue to pose a serious threat to human health and the environment due to the recent train derailments and intentional burnoff process of toxic chemicals.  We will cover just a small portion.

(Be sure to read to the end for SOLUTIONS to protect yourself and your loved ones) 

Vinyl Chloride:

Vinyl chloride is a colorless gas that is used to make a variety of plastic products such as pipes, wire coatings, and upholstery. Exposure to vinyl chloride can occur in several ways, including through inhalation of contaminated air or ingestion of contaminated water or food. Vinyl chloride exposure is also possible in the workplace for those employed in industries that manufacture or use vinyl chloride-containing products.

The effects of vinyl chloride on human health depend on the level and duration of exposure. Acute exposure to high concentrations of vinyl chloride can cause symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and unconsciousness. Chronic exposure to lower levels of vinyl chloride can cause more serious health effects, including liver damage, immune system dysfunction, and cancer. In particular, vinyl chloride exposure has been linked to an increased risk of liver cancer, with workers in vinyl chloride production and processing industries having a significantly higher incidence of this disease.

Vinyl chloride also has significant environmental impacts. When released into the air, it can contribute to the formation of smog and can harm plants and animals. When released into water, it can contaminate aquatic ecosystems and pose a risk to human health if consumed.


Phosgene is a colorless gas that was used as a chemical warfare agent during World War I. It is also used in the manufacturing of various products such as pesticides, dyes, and pharmaceuticals. Exposure to phosgene can occur through inhalation of contaminated air or ingestion of contaminated food or water.

The effects of phosgene on human health are similar to those of vinyl chloride. Acute exposure to high concentrations of phosgene can cause symptoms such as coughing, chest pain, and respiratory distress. Chronic exposure to lower levels of phosgene can cause more serious health effects, including pulmonary fibrosis, bronchitis, and asthma. Like vinyl chloride, phosgene exposure has also been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

The environmental impacts of phosgene are also significant. When released into the air, it can contribute to the formation of smog and can harm plants and animals. When released into water, it can contaminate aquatic ecosystems and pose a risk to human health if consumed.

Comparisons to World War I:

The use of phosgene during World War I led to widespread devastation and significant casualties. It is estimated that more than 85,000 soldiers were killed and over 1 million were injured as a result of chemical warfare agents. While the use of chemical warfare agents in modern warfare is prohibited by international law, the effects of these chemicals continue to be felt today.

The use of phosgene and other chemicals in modern industry has led to significant environmental and health impacts. While the effects may not be as immediately visible as those during wartime, the long-term effects can be just as devastating. In addition to vinyl chloride and phosgene, there are numerous other chemicals that can pose a threat to human health and the environment.

To mitigate the effects of these chemicals, it is important for governments, industry, and individuals to take steps to minimize exposure. For the Government, this can include implementing safety measures in the workplace, monitoring air and water quality, and reducing the use of toxic chemicals.

Is this being done for you?  No.  You MUST take control of this for yourself., YOU must limit exposure, YOU must clean your own water, YOU must advocate for your own best health. 

In conclusion, the effects of chemicals such as vinyl chloride and phosgene (and there are at least 5 others) continue to pose a significant threat to human health and the environment and is time for YOU to take this situation into your own hands.  


The Detox Girls always provide the solutions that we use for our own family, for you to research and decide what is right for yours!  Here we go!! (These may contain affiliate links, The Detox Girls Ministry appreciates your support as this allows us to continue our research and the ability to bring you education, information and entertainment)

There are many, many detoxification methods.  It is important to understand what you are choosing and ensure that it will be effective but not harsh.  Harsh detoxification such as activated charcoal, diatomaceous earth, synthetic or powdered zeolites and fulvic can cause lack of nutrient absorption, create imbalance in micronutrients, can impact your digestive system and even cause auto-immune disease. (This happened to Jill, so this is personal knowledge and we are just trying to ensure that people are safe!) 

We always start with our overall health, including our cellular health and yes detox…Our cells are the basis of health and if you prioritize the cells, your body can do amazing things.  Clean Slate, by Root, is by far the most effective Detoxification PLUS Eradication AND Regeneration.  As we just went over above, a gentle detoxification is needed to support the cell’s ability to heal. Clean Slate is gentle, yet effective and was formulated by Dr Christina Rahm, PhD, PsyD, EdD, MS. Dr Rahm has the education and research background to do what no other can or has (and it is patented!).  The raw, pure zeolite has been unlocked to provide bioavailable Silicon Dioxide, it is then embedded with trace minerals (to protect and support the cell) and encapsulated in Vitamin C (as a natural cellular delivery mechanism).  You can find Clean Slate here (Referral Code:  TheDetoxGirls). If you would like to watch a video short on Clean Slate, please click here

Within the Root Website, please consider that we have years and years of toxin buildup, gut dysregulation, poor cognitive health and overall poor health due to a lack of health care system.  Shop around to see what else may suite your needs in your personal healing journey.  We highly recommend the Trinity Trio as full body support and the ReLive greens are pure nutrition for those who may not have access to wholesome food during these times. 

We believe that EVERY household should own a nebulizer.  In addition to listing the Nebulizer that we rely on here, The Detox Girls offers their own nebulizing protocols under “shop with us” on the website. These have proven to be the most helpful ways our families have found to nebulize and support lung health.  We have an additional blog for supporting Lung Health as well. Within this protocol, you will find different nebulizing options, one of which includes Iodine, known to assist in reducing radioactivity. Check out this Iodine, a friend of the family and small business owner is the formulator.  *Please remember that Iodine does have the co-factor of Selenium, so we do not recommend long term use without monitoring your levels.  Some additional reading can be done here

Here are some options for water filtration:

  • Epic Escape | Glass Water Bottle with Filter | USA Made Filter | Dishwasher Safe | Borosilicate Glass with Silicone Sleeve | BPA Free Water Bottle | Removes 99.99% Tap Water Contaminants can be found here
  • ZeroWater Chrome Faucet Mount can be found here
  • Express Water Heavy Metal Anti-Scale Whole House Water Filter – 3 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System – Polyphosphate, KDF, Carbon Filters – Pressure Gauges, Easy Release, 1” Inch Connections can be found here
  • AquaTru – Countertop Water Filtration Purification System with Exclusive 4-Stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology (No Plumbing or Installation Required) | BPA Free found here.
  • Here are some options for air filtration:
  • AirDoctor is a highly recommended brand. Pricier, but there are lots of other options too. AIRDOCTOR AD3000 4-in-1 Air Purifier for Home and Large Rooms with UltraHEPA, Carbon & VOC Filters – Air Quality Sensor Automatically Adjusts Filtration! Removes Particles 100x Smaller Than HEPA Standard found here
  • The Triad Mini Room purifier: Mini Aer Humidifier and Revitalizer. Works as Air Humidifier, Purifier, Air Deodorizer, Air Sanitizer, Air Washer, Aroma Therapy and Fragrance Machine. Without getting in the way like conventional humidifers do is found here
  • Triad Aer V3 Large Room Air Purifier, Medical Grade Filtration with Lifetime washable charcoal filter, 99.99% Airborne Particle Removal, Captures Allergens, Bacteria, Viruses, Mold found here.
  • Triad also offers a personal size purifier which can be worn around your neck and create a purification ‘bubble’ which would be a constant source of protection and can be found here.

We will continue to add to this list as we further our research. We pray this is helpful information to support you and your loved ones.

~The Detox Girls

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