Revive Your Microbiome's Superpowers!

Strategically formulated as a Quantum Nano-Emulsion
for Immunity, Gut Health, and Vitality!



What Is Restore?

Strategically formulated as a quantum nano-emulsion of natures most powerful support system to protect and regenerate your microbiome. RESTORE works to destroy fungus and parasites while supporting the reduction of systemic inflammation and rehabilitate your gut tight junctions. RESTORE simply provides a tasty crucial gift from our heart to your hands.

15 packs/container, 1 fl oz (30ml)/ pack, 4.6 USD/ pack

Immune Support:

Fortify your defenses for a resilient you.

Supports Bone Health:

Nurture strong, resilient bones effortlessly.

Healthy Blood Pressure:

Maintain a balanced and thriving cardiovascular system.

Antioxidant &
Anti-Inflammatory Benefits:

Unleash the power of nature for a calm and vibrant life.


Cure The Cause

Through our “Cure the Cause” philosophy: Eliminating harmful toxins, supporting the brain and gut microbiome, then adding back the important natural vitamins and micronutrients to support healthy cells and a healthy body – Root has created the recipe for a healthier you.

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