Inflammation: Your body is on fire, internally

Study: Inflammatory responses and inflammation-associated diseases in organs

Inflammation is a hot topic these days. Time after time, you hear “inflammation is the cause of illness and disease.”

But WAIT, we challenge you to think deeper….what is that causes inflammation?


Bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, yeast, heavy metals, etc cause the inflammatory response.

 When these invaders cause an immune response, the body is inflamed – as if it is on fire on the inside. 

The REAL question is: how does one get rid of the invaders that cause the inflammation!!

Here is a portion of a study that we found to be very enlightening (link to study at the end).

“Inflammation is a biological response of the immune system that can be triggered by a variety of factors, including pathogens, damaged cells, and toxic compounds. These factors may induce acute and/or chronic inflammatory responses in the heart, pancreas, liver, kidney, lung, brain, intestinal tract, and reproductive system, potentially leading to tissue damage or disease. Both infectious and non-infectious agents and cell damage activate inflammatory cells and trigger inflammatory signaling pathways”
“At the tissue level, inflammation is characterized by redness, swelling, heat, pain, and loss of tissue function, which result from local immune, vascular, and inflammatory cell responses to infection or injury”
“The inflammatory response is the coordinated activation of signaling pathways that regulate inflammatory mediator levels in resident tissue cells and inflammatory CELLS recruited from the BLOOD [8]. Inflammation is a common pathogenesis of many chronic diseases, including:

 Cardiovascular and

 Bowel Diseases


 Arthritis and


Let’s remember… a diagnosis is simply a label of symptoms used to formulate a plan.  

The plan is either symptom management OR getting to the ROOT cause! The decision is yours.

“Thus, this cascade can increase expression of genes encoding growth factors, inflammatory cytokines, and chemokines.
Oxidative stress is associated with the pathogenesis of multiple diseases, such as:

 Cardiovascular Disease





Therefore, oxidative stress products can also be used as markers of the inflammatory response.”

Are you seeing the trend? 
Are you ready for the solution?
I mean the real, true, root cause, get to the root… solution? 

Then let’s get started….

Step 1 – always!  Removing and eradicating of the Invaders (heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, and more) then 

Step 2 -Provide what the body needs to regenerate and allow the body to heal as it was intended solution

It may sound simple, but the research and education that Dr Christina Rahm put into creating this formula is anything but simple.  Her creation was important to her own health journey as well as that of her family.  Dr Rahm is a Lyme and Cancer survivor and her family has faced many health challenges along the way too.  She did the work to create a protocol to be simple and effective for all, regardless of the diagnosis (the label for the symptoms that are at the ROOT cause).

We feel that we have the best protocol around. Of course, please always read, watch, and access all the information available so you can choose what is well suited for your needs!

The protocol has 4 nutraceuticals and each of the 4 was carefully formulated to encompass the highest quality, microdosing that includes the catalysts and cofactors to be effective and includes both detoxification plus regenerative support along the way. What does THAT mean?? Simply that you may be able to narrow down to just 4 things versus having to take a multitude of things every day, separately.

Let’s start with the Trinty – this is a Trio (Clean Slate, ReStore & Zero-In) that does exactly what it says!  
Gives the body a Clean Slate, helps to Restore, and allows you to Zero In.

Clean Slate: A bioavailable silica that is derived from clinoptilolite, embedded with trace minerals, and encapsulated in vitamin c to be truly intracellular.

Restore: A blend of natural goodness that is nano-emulsified to be easy to take throughout the day. With things like turmeric, raspberry, black seed oil, d-ribose, apple cider vinegar, and aloe, it is blended to restore the gut microbiome. It has anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-viral properties as well as regenerative supportive properties all in one.

Zero In: This golden capsule is simply amazing! Turmeric, pine bark extract, and velvet bean seed, along with amino acids are supportive of digestive health and neurotransmitter production as well as hormone balance. From energy to cognitive focus, Zero in has been helping parents, students, athletes, and business execs to achieve a level of performance they never imagined.

But we said 4, so let’s move along to another superstar.

Immune Defense: This blend of NAD, quercetin, Vitamins, and Minerals has been formulated to protect the immune system, mitochondrial health, and DNA integrity.

Please be sure to read the ingredients and check with your physician with any questions or concerns regarding your medical needs. Feel free to take the information to your doctor and share this with them. We would love to connect any doctor or provider with Dr Rahm to further their support of their patients!! We are all in this together!!

Dr Rahm’s formulations are only available online through The Root Brands, but a REFERRAL CODE is required. 

Please use our Referral Code by clicking here and using the referral code:  thedetoxgirls

Are you interested in studies? This is by far one of the best studies, click here to view
that we’ve read. It explains organ by organ what inflammation can do to the body.

~The Detox Girls

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