Purifying the air you breathe!

Mold is toxic in the air as well within the body. Mold gives off spores called mycotoxins. These toxins are lipophilic: the mycotoxin is made up of fatty acids which is stored in fat tissues and electrically attracted to the fat. Mold being a fat-soluble toxin is processed through the liver and then held with the bile by the gallbladder. The brain is 60% fat the mycotoxins can be easily stored in the brain. Once these mold toxins enter the brain, they begin to destroy neurons and hormone production by affecting hypothalamus function. 

These mycotoxins are not just in the body! They are extremely prevalent in the air! Those dust sparkles you see in the sunlight rays in your house, yeah. Those are mold, dead skin cells, germs. Yuck! Air purifiers are a hot topic with Hepa and all. We looked into the main areas of air purifiers, tested many, and found our favorite! Watch the video below as we speak with the developer and owner of what passed our test for our families! You can find the purifiers here.

This specific purifier is a personal shield which creates a 4-foot bubble of clean air void of mold, viruses, germs. We especially love this little guy, it is the size of the old school pagers, for when we fly in airplanes.


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