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Your body is a resilient masterpiece, capable of regeneration when returned to its detoxified state. Join us as we explore the gentle art of detox and resetting the potential for your body to naturally revive and thrive.

Featured Partner of The Month

Dr. Christina Rahm

Inspired by role models like Jesus, Gandhi, Muhammad, Dali Lama and Mother Teresa, Dr. Christina Rahm knew from a very early age that she was called to serve and provide solutions.

“When we cure the cause, we prevent ourselves from becoming vulnerable to toxins and disease. Then, we can live the life we want, instead of the life we are prescribed.”
-Dr. Christina Rahm

Jill and Shanna’s journey to The Detox Girls began when they met in a Facebook group on detoxification. Their hearts naturally connected and aligned with one another over their past experiences seeking the answers for themselves and their families. It seems that no one could provide the answers they needed, yet they were able to find it together. What Jill and Shanna needed was one another! 

About Jill

Devoted Wife & Very Proud Mother, Holistic Health, Detox & Wellness Coach, & Holistic Researcher.

Jill is a wife, a mom of 2 amazing grown kids. She is a Certified Holistic Health and Detox Educator and Wellness Coach.

While pursuing answers for her own family’s health, Natural health and research has become her passion. Discovering that there is an underlying Root Cause to symptoms, otherwise known as illness and disease, was a turning point. She loves helping others to discover this as well.

She feels blessed to be partners in The Detox Girls with Shanna and in a community where health and wellness are prioritized.

About Shanna

Certified Counselor, Nutrition & Detox Educator, Cellular Researcher, Devoted Wife & Homeschool Mom.

Shanna is a wife and mom of 2 young collegiate athletes in the midwest of the United States. Shanna is a Certified Counselor, Detox Educator and specializes in Cellular Research.

In addition, she holds a Diploma in Sports Science Nutrition, Gut Health, Natural Medicine and Nutrition. It all began when she was given a life or death choice with herself and her son, learning how the body heals from the root cause of disease. This set the course of Shanna’s life and her partnership in The Detox Girls with Jill.

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