Image displaying a preparedness kit for cold and flu season, featuring tissues, hand sanitizer, herbal tea, vitamins, and a thermometer.

Are you prepared for Cold and Flu Season?

Tis the season!! 

School has begun, days are shorter and colder, the holidays and cold & flu season are upon us!  It’s not really cold and flu season.  It is more like that kids are sharing germs, Vitamin D is lowered, we are inside more and outside less, lowering our immune systems.  So, naturally, people are getting SICK!!

We believe in being prepared in all ways.  First and foremost, be proactive.  Protect and support your health to prevent getting sick.  Don’t forget to share with family and friends!  Share this blog too!!

But it happens to the best of us.  As much as we try to do all the right things, you feel it… a little tickle in the throat, that cough starts, your body starts to feel tired and achy.  Label it anything you want:  The Flu, RSV, covid, the common cold, hopefully you have taken the time to be prepared so you can get the rest you need, protect and support the body to heal in the best, most natural way. 

*An easy, natural way to prepare is to make homemade Oregano Oil and Coconut Garlic Oil. 

Oregano oil is a natural anti biotic, it is effective in low doses so start with a drop or two, under the tongue, in a drink or topically – using your own judgement as to age and need. 

Coconut oil and garlic are both antibacterial, anti-inflammatory.  Garlic is also anti-fungal.  Coconut Garlic oil is for topical use.  Put on the bottoms of the feet, over the chest, over the back.  

What you will need (feel free to double or triple the recipe) with links to make it easier

Wash all jars and lids and dry thoroughly.  Crush the garlic.  This is easiest with a Garlic Press.

Gently melt the coconut oil (use caution and the best method depending on glass/plasic jar, do not overheat, glass can break and plastic can melt) Pour Coconut oil in 6 jars and Olive oil in 6 jars – filling each about 1/2 way. 

Divide the crushed garlic into the coconut oil, while liquid. While the coconut oil sets, stir on occasion to keep the garlic throughout. When the oil is solid, put the lids on and you are done!  If it is warm and the oil is not setting, you can put the jars in a 9×13 pan with cool water. 

Divide the Oregano into the Olive oil, ripping into small pieces along the way.  Put the lids on tightly.  Gently warm these jars in a shallow pan of water for 5-7 minutes. This starts the infusion.  Caution not to touch hot surfaces, jars, or to get burned.  Do not overheat as glass can break. 

The longer these oils sit, the more they infuse.  Keep them in a cool, dry place to store.  I am confident, with care, that these will last the winter.  Use your judgement.  

Are you looking for additional support?  The Detox Girls count on the formulations of Dr Christina Rahm and The Root Brands. Dr Rahm has created the highest quality from the best sources to protect and support the body.  The Trinity (Clean Slate, Restore & Zero In) along with Mitochondria/Immune Defense are created to protect and support the body. 

  • Rip apart and remove the Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Fungus, Heavy Metals and all of the environmental toxins with Clean Slate
  • Restore the gut microbiome, remove fungus, parasites, weaken the spike protein and stop the cellular communication.
  • Zero In to support cognitive function, help with brain fog, supports health mood (also amazing for those with ADHD, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Autism as the ingredients are studied for those purposes). 
  • Mitochodrial / Immune defense stabilizes the DNA and supports the integrity of the cell.  NAD is more important than ever, for protection and when sick, but requires right co-factors and catalysts to work.  This immune defense includes those as well is the ONLY NAD that is stabilized for 2 years.  All others are only stabilized for 2 months which means by the time it is created and you are taking it, it is already ineffective.

All of these formulations can be found only online and require a referral code for registration at or simply click here 

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~The Detox Girls

 *All information provided is for your own personal decisions and usage. The do not claim to cure, treat, prevent illness or disease. They have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other medical entity.  Please refer back to the alert when you entered The Detox Girls Ministries website for details. 

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