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The Detox Girls Present: The Best Information All In 1 Place!!

The Detox Girls, Shanna and Jill, are both moms who lead their families in overcoming health concerns and achieve their best possible health. We know the struggle of finding true help and not marketing hype.  We rely on world renowned Doctors and Researchers to provide true, proven solutions to address the Root Cause of health concerns.  Environmental Toxicities, Inflammation and Cytokine Storm, Poor Gut Health, Compromised Immune / Cell / Mitochondria function are all the cause of illness and disease.  Your diagnosis is simply a label for you symptoms.  We believe if you get to the underlying cause, remove the toxins, support and protect the body’s regeneration, that your body CAN heal as God intended it to!  

In an effort to make this process as simple as possible, we have created a way to access all of the information you seek, all in 1 place! This includes an overview of each of Dr Rahm’s formuations, presentations by Dr Christina Rahm, PhD, PsyD, EdD, MS as well as Clayton Thomas, Owner/Founder of The Root Brands.  Dr Rahm also has an incredible team of Doctors and their presentations can be found here as well!

When you are ready to get started on your journey of addressing the ROOT cause, please access Dr Rahm’s formuations with our Referral Code, through       The Root Brands and use the referral code:  TheDetoxGirls to register. 

~The Detox Girls

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