Adjuvant Overview

What is an ADJUVANT?

Definition: An immunological agent that increase the antigenic response.

Sometimes called: EXCIPIENT

Definition: A substance formulated alongside the active ingredient of a mediation.

What are some examples of Adjuvants:
Egg Proteins
Monosodium Glutamate
Aluminum Hydroxide
Aluminum Phosphate
Ammonium Sulfate
Thimersol (Mercury)
Anti foaming agent
Polysorbate 80

If one were to look deep into how these affect health, you would find that these have been linked to:
Eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes
Asthma, breathing issues
Allergies and allergic reactions
Migraines and headaches
Digestive Issues, Leaky Gut, Crohns, IBS
Delayed Speech, non-verbal
Autism spectrum 
ADHD, ADD, attention and behavioral concerns
Kidney, urinary, renal disease
Liver tissue damage 
Oxidative Stress and Free Radicals
Neurodegenerative Disease
Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Epigenetics (the environment that your genes are exposed to and impact they way they express)
And more

So the question is…. what do you do if one has been exposed to Adjuvants?

The starting place?

Remove and eradicate those toxins, heavy metals to give the body the Clean Slate that it needs. Eradicating the toxins can also improve the Epigenetic expression and remove the systemic inflammation that are the underlying cause.

From there, support and protect the body in the regeneration process. That means supporting the digestive system and cognitive function. 

How can you accomplish this simply, effectively, safely?  The Trinity by Root:  A trio that include Clean Slate, ReStore and Zero In.  Each does exactly what they say!!  Give the body a Clean Slate, ReStore the body’s natural ability to regenerate and Zero In with cognitive support.  

This may sound too simple to be true, but it is anything BUT simple.  Dr. Christina Rahm is the scientific formulator behind the Trinity, but maybe more importantly, she is a MOM! Her years of Education and Research coupled with her “why” is why her protocol is created in a simple and effective protocol.  

Are you tired of hearing that ‘they just don’t know’ what is wrong?

Are you ready to get started on Solutions rather than symptom management?

Dr Rahm’s formulations are available only online and require a REFERRAL CODE. Please use our referral code by clicking here.  or go to

 ~The Detox Girls

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