How The Detox Girls Support our Lungs

My lungs have always suffered, even as a baby, I was even on oxygen at birth.  

Let’s go over some Lung basics and then talk about solutions!

The lungs are one of the basic detox pathways and when obstructed or broken down, the other organ systems suffer. The lungs bring in Oxygen during inhaling and release Carbon Dioxide during exhale. The lungs play a role in protecting the body from toxins and other harmful substances – a filtration system of the body. 

The lungs are directly connected to the health of other organs – and vice versa. The circulatory system plays an important part in respiration by moving blood to and from the lungs, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, removing carbon dioxide from the body. The veins, arteries, capillaries, heart, diaphragm, ribs, muscles (of the chest), nervous system, lymphatic system, and immune system all play a part in the respiratory system too. Lung health is dependent on the health of your entire body. 

Until this last year, 2021, lung health was one of my health struggles. I created my own asthma protocol that has proven to be very effective, and I would love to share it with you. To view The Detox Girls protocols, please join our app here.

*Note, this is not medical advice and is simply my own personal protocol for me and my son.

1. Clean Slate

Clean Slate has been case studied for efficacy in asthma treatment. *It is important to note that Clean Slate does include 3 ingredients BUT are encapsulated into one product and should not be taken individually or the efficacy of the treatment is compromised. They work because of how they are formulated together! Isolate dosing will not have the same outcome. (*medical disclaimer: please do not try to isolate dose with silica as it can have a negative effect on the lung tissue)

Clean Slate is Formulated by Dr. Christina Rahm PhD EdD PsyD, MS, MD, Nanotechnologist, Bioscience Engineer, Biochemist, Quantum Physicist. It is formulated with a specific and unique bioavailable silica, vitamin C, and trace minerals which are encapsulated to be delivered as one. Together they remove the inflammation of the tissue and regenerate healthy lung tissue. Also, they said the alveoli of the lungs to transport oxygen. 

I use Clean Slate both internally as well as in the nebulizer. You must use a referral code to access Clean Slate or any of Dr. Rahm’s formulations. The Detox Girls referral code is thedetoxgirls and can be found by going to

2. Pink Himalayan Salt. Pink Himalayan salt is anti-mucus. It also has vital trace minerals that asthmatics lack such as zinc.  The Detox Girls prefer Redmond’s Real Salt which can be found here

3. Distilled water or charged water.

4. Nebulizer with the mask attachment – this provides the best delivery. Breathe deeply and with intention to fill the lungs. 

Our favorite nebulizer has sold out!  We have located 2 replacements that seem to fit the bill!! 

Small and portable can be found here.

A home unit that may work a bit faster and includes the mask strap can be found here

This is my favorite nebulizer that uses ionization, small, portable, rechargeable, quiet, family friendly, and with no cords! Click HERE

To access our protocol for Lung Health, you can find it in our app.

Thank you for choosing The Detox Girls and we pray that our information, education and entertainment are helpful to you in your health journey. 

We do provide affiliate links in some cases and appreciate your support as this is what allows us to keep providing helpful information! 

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