Image showcasing a colorful array of fresh fruits and vegetables arranged around a juicer, symbolizing juicing for detox for beginners.

Juicing for Beginners

Detoxification is the only way to create real homeostasis in the body as a whole.

Cleaning and rebuilding is the top priority for true detoxification done right. Our diet creates an atmosphere of inflammation and mucus build up which ultimately creates disease as the label calls it. Processed foods create plaque build up on our tissue which acts like a glue. We need to address cellular starvation. 

Raw fruits and veggies are in a perfect compilation for creating the beautiful alkaline environment our body needs to regenerate. Fruits are the highest antioxidant food and the sugars should not be feared as they are slow metabolizing and take less energy to digest meaning quicker and more powerful uptake of nutrients to the cells. Think of the saline solutions they give in the ER. This is because saline is an alkalizing solution that resolves acidosis rather quickly.  We can do this in our body as well with the right elimination and regeneration process. 

One of the easiest ways to include these healing foods in their raw states is through juicing. Juicing is amazing and extremely beneficial to do in the mornings. A masticating juicer that cold presses is my go to. The correct juicer does not have to be expensive. We like to jump in at a lower level that does the job but does not break the bank so we can focus our finances on the raw ingredients needed to heal. This is our lead in juicer that we have found to be effective for entry level juicing – Slow Masticating Juicer – with 2-Speed Modes, Easy-to-clean cold press juicer.

Our beginning juice for lymphatic stimulation was grape juice. Hint, keep the seeds as they have amazing antioxidant abilities. Seedless grapes are in general GMO. Grapes contain resveratrol which is an amazing anticancer and immune stimulator. Carrots are a great raw veggie to pair with juicing your grapes. 

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