Lyme: the basics and beyond

So many in our community are suffering with Lyme disease and undiagnosed Lyme-like symptoms.

Our friend, Dr Christina Rahm is a Lyme warrior too.

With her help and guidance, we have you covered!

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If you or a loved one is dealing with Lyme, then you’re in the right place and the SOLUTIONS are right here and waiting for you!

“There are two stages of Lyme disease. The first stage is acute Lyme disease. It occurs in the first few weeks following a bite from an infected tick.  Borrelia Spirochetes and a host of cofactors can adapt to their host (the body), escaping and hiding from immune recognition and outsmarting antibiotics.  In this early stage of incubation, victims experience the following symptoms:

Flu-like symptoms


Generalized soreness


Bull’s eye rash

The symptoms tend to get progressively worse and the condition eventually becomes chronic.

The 2nd stage is chronic.  Long-term, sometimes not diagnosed in a timely manner. 

Chronic Lyme disease symptoms include but are not limited to:

Arthritis-like pain that spreads throughout the joints, most often in the knees and elbows.


Stiff neck

Body aches

Bell’s palsy (partial paralysis of the face)

Fever and chills

Persistent fatigue

Irregular heartbeat


Shortness of breath

Electrical sensations

Memory loss

Difficulty concentrating and various mental disturbances

Dr. Christina Rahm has taught us to not be discouraged but rather to live in HOPE… because help is available for Lyme and other tick-borne infections and there is reason for hope. She is living proof that you CAN overcome what Lyme has brought your way. 

One of the main symptoms of Lyme disease is inflammation. One way to allow the body to rest and muster a defense against this disease, without resorting to antibiotics, is to reduce the systemic inflammation with natural protocols. There is more to Lyme than bacteria.  Understanding the research on the immune response, inflammatory cascade, and the link to fungus in the body are all emerging.

The body relies on specific healing modalities that Dr Rahm took into consideration when creating her formulations. 

These must be combined in the right amounts, with the right catalysts, to be effective in the body. The Dr Rahm Pack is her own protocol to support the following:

  • antioxidants
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • mitochondrial support
  • cellular support
  • intracellular detoxification
  • regenerative support

Detox alone or without regenerative support is known to cause additional symptoms such as AutoImmune symptoms and Mineral Depletion. Dr Rahm KNOWS what Lyme is like because SHE too walks this journey.

So WHO BETTER to know the right protocol than the scientist who created her very own LYME protocol? 

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