The Lymph and Armpit Detox

Let’s talk about an armpit detox:

The lymph nodes in the armpit are part of the endocrine system, the most sensitive part of the body.
Deodorant is the number one cause of poisoning the lymphatic system, the lymph nodes of the armpit.
When starting a new level of detox, you can often smell it!

Here is a great topical detox to help…
Bentonite Clay
Clean Slate which also includes bentonite clay
Restore including beneficial Black Seed oil and designed for antifungal and cell protection along with detoxing

*Optional add one or 2 of these Antibacterial Essential oils to choose from:
Tea Tree

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Why do we need an armpit detox??
Because our armpits are a major entrance and exit into our bodies. The lymphatic system is the only system without a pump and needs mechanical manipulation. It is also our garbage disposal and plays a big role in our adaptive immune response. A proper functioning lymphatic system is our natural inoculation. Parasites are also a natural process of the breakdown of the lymph fluid for proper immune function. However, heavy metals and toxicants are a super food to the parasites and can feed them to grow out of their proper ratio. A proper armpit/lymphatic detox paste can help draw out stored toxicants and boost the immune system. 5 to15 minutes with this paste will help remove build up, sets you up for natural deodorant use, and pulls out toxins and odors! 

Do you need to find Clean Slate & Restore for both internal and external support of toxin removal?
You can only find Clean Slate & Restore through Root Brands and it does require the REFERRAL CODE thedetoxgirls  

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