"Image representing the unique factor of Clean Slate from Root Detox Cleanse in completing the missing piece in detoxifying agents.

The Missing Piece to a SUCCESSFUL Detox

What is the ONE missing piece that most holds you back from a successful detox?


There are so many detoxes and detox protocols on the market.  Zeolites, chelation, charcoal, diatomaceous earth, lab created, synthetics.  What do these detox protocols have in common that could be holding you back from a successful detox?  These detox methods begin the detox process, but each has its downfall. 

  • They can be dangerous in the wrong form
  • They can absorb all of the toxins but also all of the important nutrients and vitamins that your body needs
  • They can be hard on the body and cause herx / detox symptoms
  • They can ‘quit’ part way through and cause re-tox, where the toxins recycle back into the body.
  • and even autoimmune symptoms

Here is WHY!! But first, let’s start with an analogy: 

When you take your car in for an Oil change, you would NEVER ask for them to only drain the dirty oil but decline the addition of clean oil.  And why is that? Because if you only drained the dirty oil from your engine, but didn’t support the engine with clean, fresh oil, you would break down as soon as you left the parking lot! 

The same holds true for your body.  If you only remove the bad and don’t protect and support the good, then your body will also ‘break down.’  When removing heavy metals from the cell, you MUST exchange trace minerals for those heavy metals… at the EXACT same time.  This is called bio-identical replacement – and no, a cation exchange is NOT enough. If a trace mineral is not embedded into the detox, then the cell can essentially ‘collapse,’ causing mineral gapping (depletion) and creating Autoimmune symptoms. 

Next, let’s talk about delivery mechanisms.  How is this detox getting into the cell?  The majority of detox processes only work on the outside of the cell or in the gut but not intracellularly. That is where the research of Dr Christina Rahm comes in.  Dr Rahm is a BioScience Engineer, NanoBiotechnologist but also a Mom of 4, a Cancer and Lyme Survivor, and a Scientific Formulator of the one and only truly Intracellular Regenerative Detoxification. Derived from Clinoptilolite, Clean Slate is bioavailable Silicon Dioxide that is embedded with Sea Salt trace minerals and encapsulated in Vitamin C to be a truly cellular regenerative detox. As a Quantum Physicist, Dr Rahm also utilizes Quantum Frequencies, Polarization, and Magnets for that extra support of cellular support.

To Summarize, Clean Slate is the one and only:

  • Is safe, effective, natural
  • Is embedded with trace minerals
  • Is encapsulated in Vitamin C 
  • Truly Intracellular and Regenerative

The Detox Girls are proud to bring this education to you, to support a successful, passive, and systemic detoxification, eradication, AND regeneration!  This process is complex in creation, but Dr Rahm brings this to us in very simple, twice per day, drops.  Dr Rahm’s formuations can only be found online and they do require a REFERRAL CODE to register.  Please register here, and the referral code (thedetoxgirls) will automatically fill in.

Using our Referral code opens up many levels of support including our Ebook as well as access to our very own App.

~The Detox Girls

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